To be Security Partners rather than just security providers with our clients by offering services that meet utmost international standards.


To be a leading security and security service provider in a wide range of security services within Kenya and in the East African Region.

Value for Money

What separates Captain Hawk Security from other firms is the ability to offer TOP security services in Kenya without compromise to any details.

Captain Hawk Security Ltd

Captain Hawk Security Ltd has been in security industry for over ten (10) years. It is indeed a home of innovative and cut-edge security solutions engineered to tackle the various challenges faced by organizations and residences in relation to safety and security.

Backed by an industrious and proficient team, our systems are constantly monitored for maximum efficiency that helps our esteemed clients have peace of mind.

Our services will help you to get Solutions!

Fire prevention and appliance management are crucial aspects of ensuring the…
Captain Hawk Security plans and executes thorough risk management procedures to…
Captain Hawk Security specializes in providing highly trained guard dog teams…
We take a comprehensive approach to fully understanding the risk management…
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Protect your home and business premises with the most trusted security company.

Our wide range of services range from man guard security services, electronic / CCTV alarm systems, Risk Management and Consultancy, Dog Handling Services, Alarm response services and event management. Our work has been recognized by top companies in Nakuru and our efforts towards enhancing security has been continuously improving since we started.

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